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Established in 1973





What is an ARRLARRLSpecial Service Club ?

The Alford Memorial Radio Club provides public service to a number of different charitable and public organizations to be awarded the title of a Special Service Club by the ARRL. The club participates in many different events to promote the Amateur Radio hobby as a valuable and important asset to the community that we live in. In the topics below you can see all of the different activities that the club is involved with and participates in. Come join in on all the fun we have providing these services.

New Ham Development:

The Alford Memorial Club is active in public relations, having a PIO as part of our club officers. We support the Boy Scouts JOTA, the Girl Scouts Thinking Day on the Air, the Georgia Special Olympics and the Georgia State Games, along with special community events, like the Stone Mountain Fourth of July parade and 1.5 k race. We support several local school Amateur radio clubs, and the ARRL Big Project school with assistance by club members and donations of radio equipment. The club sponsors and supports the Stone Mountain ARRL Testing sessions by providing VEs.

Public Relations:

Our club does have an official PIO officer as part of the club officers, W4PSV, Steve Vogel. We provide contact with our local newspapers and news stations for all special events that the club volunteers for including the annual ARRL Field Day.

Emergency Communications:

The Alford Memorial Radio Club supports and authorizes the Dekalb County ARES group as an group operating and using the club repeaters and resources. George Olive, AI4UR, is a club member and the EC for Dekalb County. Dekalb County ARES with the Alford Memorial Radio Club does have a former letter of agreement with Dekalb County Public Safety.

Technical Advancement:

Club Meetings feature programs on technical amateur radio topics and demonstrations. We also have a RFI committee and Technical committee as standing club committees.

Operating Activities:

Our club does participate in the Annual ARRL Field Day activities. Along with local events, the Atlanta Healthcare Children’s Christmas Festival Parade, and the annual Wesley Walk for Others.

Miscellaneous Activities:

Our club has a monthly “Eat and Meet” for amateur radio club members, and other local radio club members before each club meeting. We sponsor annual Christmas Party for our members. Our club also has an annual Amateur of Year award to honor an outstanding club member. We assist by providing volunteer VEs to local ARRL, CAVEC, and W5YI testing sessions. Our club also sponsors an annual HamFest and provides ARRL forums and ARES forums at our annual HamFest.