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Amateur Radio License Examination Schedules

For a comprehensive list of test site locations, please visit the ARRL’s Exam Session page at the following link:

Just enter your home ZIP Code into the search form and then select the number of miles from the drop down box before clicking on the search button you will be presented with a large list of available sessions.

General Information for Exam Sessions

The administrative procedures of most exam sessions are very similar to each other. The following information should be applicable to all exam sessions in this listing. However, it is advisable to check with the session coordinator to be sure you have everything you need BEFORE you show up.

Most all of the sessions are walk-in, i.e., there is no pre-registration required.

Please bring two (2) forms of identification with you. One that includes a picture of the applicant on the ID, like a drivers license or a student ID. The other form of Identification needs to be proof of your Social Security number.

Parents should provide some form of identification for non-driving minors. Social Security Card or number will be needed. Other forms of acceptable ID include passports, library cards with photo, or School Student ID.

There is an administration fee for most of the tests of about $15.00. It might be more or less depending on the VE Group running the test.

If you are coming to a test session, to take your first Technician Test. Bring yourself, your IDs, your favorite pencil or pen, and your calculator. Leave your nervousness at home because we want you to get your license.

If you are coming to upgrade your license, bring your IDs and both the originals and photocopies of your current amateur license and any Certificates proving credit from previous exams that you have taken. These will be needed to show completetion of prior exams for your upgrade.

Calculators are allowed, but you must be able to show the examiner team that the memories of any programmable calculators have been cleared before the exam starts.

All needed forms will be supplied by the exam teams - it will not be necessary to bring an FCC form 610. Pencils and scratch paper are provided at most of the sessions, but you should probably have one pen or pencil of your own.

You should arrive at the exam site at least 15 minutes before the exam is scheduled to start to begin paperwork processing. No one will be admitted while a code exam is being given and a code exam, once given, will usually not be repeated that day, even if you are late.

Please keep in mind that the exam team members are all volunteers and are donating their time to help you obtain your license. They make every effort to be professional and efficient in the exam process, but they ARE volunteers.

We are blessed with more frequent test sessions here in Atlanta than probably anywhere else in the country, so a lot of folks are putting in their time. We enjoy doing it or we’d simply quit, but an occasional “thanks” makes it that much more enjoyable.

FCC License Renewals and Expiration Notices

Amateurs may renew their FCC-issued licenses “on line” via the FCC web using FCC ULS.

FCC permits on-line renewals at 90 days or less before a license will expire. If a license is already expired, but is within the FCC’s two-year grace period for renewal, the FCC will not accept an on-line application–but they will continue to accept Form 605 requests for renewal when submitted by mail to: FCC, 1270 Fairfield Rd, Gettysburg PA 17325-7245.

Amateurs may continue to renew their licenses within 90 days before the license expiration date, or within the two-year license grace period after expiration, using FCC Form 605 by mail to: FCC, 1270 Fairfield Rd, Gettysburg PA 17325-7245.

The FCC will be resuming their mailing of notifications to amateurs just prior to their license expiration. FCC-license renewals are FREE (no renewal charge or fee is required by FCC).

Presently, expiration notices are sent from ARRL HQ to ARRL Members only! These ARRL-Member-only notices include a cover letter with instructions for renewing electronically or by mail, an FCC Form 605 with instructions, and an envelope addressed to FCC. ARRL Members may also choose to forward their hardcopy, signed Forms 605 to HQ (to the ARRL/VEC,225 Main St, Newington CT 06111) and we will process them electronically (this FREE service is for ARRL Members only!).

Expiration notices are also sent to all amateurs from the W5YI Group in Dallas TX (a handling fee is charged for their service).