Steve’s Satellite Cheat-Sheet

Names, Frequencies and Status of ham radio satellites, go to the JAMSAT page at:

To Calculate Satellite Pass Information for your location:

  • Find your latitude/longitude by browsing: and click on the “Test Drive Eagle” link. Enter your address information, then click Show Results. Note your LAT/LON value.

  • Set your clock precisely by browsing then enter the correct time zone. For Georgia, use Eastern Time.

  • Download an evaluation copy of Nova For Windows at:

  • Download freeware for DOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux at:

To Get Help:

(For beginners!!)

  • Subscribe to the AMSAT-BB Mailing List:

Email: (Put ‘help’ in the body of the message on a line by itself)

  • For local help, talk to an AMSAT Area Coordinator. The list can be found at:

Hardware Resources:

For an electronic copy, browse

For a PDF copy Click Here to Download

Version: 1/4/2005